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April 20, 2016

Creating Facebook Ads (4)

Choosing your creative

We're still on the first page of the Ads Create tool. And as a quick reminder, we got here by using the drop-down arrow in the upper right hand corner, and selecting Create Ads. Now, earlier we talked through all of the objectives that are available to us. I'll be focusing on the Clicks to Website objective. But you'll be able to apply the same principles to any of the other objectives. Since this objective requires the most effort to configure, we'll use it to explore all the options Facebook provides. So to start, I'll select Clicks to Website.

And immediately, we have the option to enter the URL that we're promoting. We want to link to the page the traffic should arrive on, preferably a landing page that is unique to this advertisement as opposed to your homepage. Now a quick tip for you, Facebook is going to automatically pull images and assets from this URL, or at least it's going to do its best. It usually grabs your logo and maybe an image or two from the actual page. This might be useful in saving time if you want to include that in your ad, but it might not work properly if you're using custom tracking codes from Google or another third party.
From here you'll type in the URL that you want to promote, and then select Enter. So the page refreshes, and now we're going to start configuring this advertisement.

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May 04, 2016

Managing Placement Ads (5)

Managing Placement Ads

When we talk about placements on Facebook, we're referring to where the advertisement shows up on the page. Facebook provides three options. News Feed, Right Column, and Mobile. An advertisement can appear on multiple placements, or, you can choose to restrict where they appear. From reading other peoples' views, the News Feed offers the best return. These ads more often than not see a higher click-through rate than the sidebar. Now, Facebook is always optimizing, and they just rolled out new changes to the sidebar to try to increase the likelihood they receive clicks, but until you're ready to test this on your own, I'd recommend sticking with the News Feed.

It might be slightly more expensive, but in the long run, you're likely to see better results. So, last time we left off in the text and images section of the Add/Create tool. It's in this preview window on the right, which we saw earlier, that we control placement. Facebook automatically defaults to the three, but you can enable or disable them as necessary. We'll start with the desktop preview. This one's automatically selected for you. Now, since we have multiple images, Facebook will be showing us how each advertisement will look. It's in this window that I can scroll down or up to see all the ads associated with...

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