May 04, 2016

Managing Placement Ads (5)

Managing Placement Ads

When we talk about placements on Facebook, we're referring to where the advertisement shows up on the page. Facebook provides three options. News Feed, Right Column, and Mobile. An advertisement can appear on multiple placements, or, you can choose to restrict where they appear. From reading other peoples' views, the News Feed offers the best return. These ads more often than not see a higher click-through rate than the sidebar. Now, Facebook is always optimizing, and they just rolled out new changes to the sidebar to try to increase the likelihood they receive clicks, but until you're ready to test this on your own, I'd recommend sticking with the News Feed.

It might be slightly more expensive, but in the long run, you're likely to see better results. So, last time we left off in the text and images section of the Add/Create tool. It's in this preview window on the right, which we saw earlier, that we control placement. Facebook automatically defaults to the three, but you can enable or disable them as necessary. We'll start with the desktop preview. This one's automatically selected for you. Now, since we have multiple images, Facebook will be showing us how each advertisement will look. It's in this window that I can scroll down or up to see all the ads associated with this campaign.

You can't delete an ad from this view. You'll have to remove the image from the previous section to remove that ad completely. You can however, remove an entire placement by selecting Remove in the upper right hand corner. Doing so will prevent your ad from showing up in that placement.

Let's take a look now at mobile. I'll do that by scrolling down and choosing the Mobile News Feed tab. Now this looks fairly similar, and you can add and remove it like we did before with the option in the upper right. But this time we also have the option to see a feature phone preview. I'll click this link in the upper right, and the ads will change to reflect how a feature phone user will see these ads.

Now feature phones aren't as common today as they used to be, but they're still very popular. A feature phone refers to a phone that has internet capability, but lacks most of the functionality a smartphone has.

Next, I'll choose the right column from the very bottom, and we'll see what those placements look like.

Select the placement most appropriate for your audience, budget and your objectives. If you do decide to run mobile advertisements that link to another website, make sure that that page is optimized for a mobile experience as well. There's nothing worse than driving mobile traffic to a website that's difficult to use from a phone.

Next time, Identify your primary audience.

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